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[ 05/18/2016 - 11:02 AM ]"... a long tradition of existence to its members"
Some people wish Battletech did more updates. As the maintainer of this website, I'm not one of those people. Every time Catalyst gets a new idea, I'm looking at more development time, so I take a dim view to whatever passes for DLC in the tabletop gaming world. That also means I have very little reason to post anything here, but rest assured I am caulking the hull and clearing the rigging as needed. I'm pleased to say that I still get a small but consistent flow of new users, and many of those users send me encouragement about the site. As long as that holds true, I'll keep the lights on.

That said, I do have reason for an update. I'm going through the annual process of switching cable companies. You know how this works. Cable company A expires your 12-month promotions, so you investigate leaving for cable company B and their 12-month promotions. Sometimes cable company A meets the price, and sometimes they don't. This year, they didn't. So I'll be getting a new provider and a new IP next Tuesday (5/24). Service will resume not long after that.

[ 08/12/2015 - 10:29 AM ]Cruise control
As is obvious, the site is on cruise control for the time being. No bugs have been brought to my attention for months, and site activity is pretty consistent. This is all very good. For anyone curious, I actively patch the backend software to keep it current. 

Here's some exciting news. Looks like Harebrained Schemes is going to make a tactical Battletech game. The Kickstarter campaign will be this fall, so if you want to see that happen, head on over there and sign up for email updates so you can help fund the effort.

Also, TRO 3150 has been released. Now, from what I've read these designs were previously available in the faction PDFs that have been out for months. Nonetheless, I am ordering a print copy, because, hey, I like the TROs in printed form.

And lastly, the fellow who was tagged to provide Battle Armor for the site has more or less abandoned the effort. Truthfully, the combat vehicle piece doesn't see much use compared to the Battlemech builder (not surprising). So, I'm not sure adding the BA module would pass the cost-benefit test. If that's wrong though, and users want to see BA added, let me know and I'll try to guilt him into it.
[ 04/09/2015 - 09:02 AM ]Boy are my arms tired
The move is complete and the minor tweaks have been deployed. The most noteworthy of the lot is that when changing weights, if actuators/hands were removed, they will not be added back into the design. Other tweaks here and there should make things a little faster.
[ 03/10/2015 - 08:17 AM ]"Anthony works in the grocery store..."
Our family is moving! The housing market being what it is, and with Janet Yellen signaling for rate hikes, we decided it was time to pull up the stakes and move into something that can handle our family as we add more troops to the unit. None of that has anything to do with Battletech or new functionality, but it does mean that the site will be going down for an indeterminate amount of time at the beginning of April. It won't be for long though, and when we do come back up, some minor requests which have been piling up since last October will have been knocked out.
[ 10/04/2014 - 09:57 PM ]Version 1.2.0 (Combat Vehicles) released
I'm pleased to have pushed out the first major expansion of this site since its launch. With this release, I've added Combat Vehicles to the site. All the functionality present for Mechs is now available for CVs. Battle Armor is on the way, but is still a couple months out. While I did a fair bit of testing, I'd be foolish to think I found all the bugs, and CVs presented a unique challenge from a UI standpoint. So if you find any bugs or have any suggestions about how something could be more intuitive, drop me a line.

A bit of a primer is in order. To access new unit types, you'll need to change your context. The context defaults to Battlemechs, so that's where you'll always start. Any page dealing with units (which is most of them), will have a drop-down in the upper-right hand corner, next to the "About" link. This drop down sets your context. When you change contexts, the page will update to the designated unit type. In the case of the Workbench, this separates designs so that you can work on 10 Mechs and 10 CVs at the same time. They will not show up on the same page, however, since they are in different contexts. The About page will also change with context, so for detailed instructions on how to use the CV features, head over there.

Enjoy the new additions, gang!